1 Bias Bound Gif.gif

Bias Bound

The act of freeing the self from the constraints of bias, the tangle of words. Unwinding, casting off. 

Drawing with objects

Looking through the eyes doesn’t always show the full picture. Hands see, express more. Hands release things contained. Cabinet becomes public – theatre, museum, archive, table stage. Hands reach beyond these surfaces to connect, receive information. Hollow hands are vessels, relics to the ‘others’ (the participants) all those helping hands who have informed this explicit moment.

Wax Hand
Hand drawn, with wax hand

Hand Drawn

Wax hand embodies the historical – old crayons (collected from art classes and moments past) and cast.

Relational Act on a Round Table

Prompts participate. Urge to action. shuffling stack, a sequence of 9 will inform surface. Their eyes and hands are present now. My hands and eyes are conduits. Translating eye card to table. The cards command colour, form, line and flow onto surface.

Honoring those ‘ways of knowing on the ground, involved with effects and consequences’ (Puig de la Bellacasa, 2017)

Tracing all the connections made along the collaborative paths of working relationally and evidencing the encounter through our dialogue, and all the things we make, together by our hands.

Performing with my relational objects required me to be observed, performing the act – it required me attending to and making explicit the normally implicit rules embedded in the role of the “artist/performer”. Depicting my private relationship with the objects and exploring their public potential is the main narrative of this body of work. In these moments I am held here, translated and transformed.

Special thanks to the following participants who contributed to the Eyecards project: Deehub Newleaf (A. S, B. C, L McA, I McA, G McK, D McK, HX, DX, RX, CX and E.X) B. Watkinson, J Conway, S Hirst - OCA, M Stafford AAEX, N O'Connor AAEX,and Colm Mullen.