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Bernadette Duffy -Reflection

My work is about the feeling of being in a particular place at a particular time. It is about reconnecting with the natural world we are part of, finding the magic in the familiar and the mystery in the everyday- 'a way of living the ordinary while experiencing the extraordinary’’ (Lippard 1997:15).

In the Reflection project I explore my response to the garden pond, in particular its reflections. I find myself fascinated by the reflected light on the water and prompted to reflect on the meaning of reflection.

In myths ponds and their reflections are often seen as places of transformation - not always for the good, and self-reflection-sometimes dangerous self-absorption. They are places where it is possible to enter other states of being and gain new insights.

Drawing and painting at the pond from dawn to dusk and into the night, has led me to ponder on our relationship with nature, including human nature, and with time – ‘’the sense of being in these times and out of these times at the same time’’ (Smith, 2013: 24).

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Lippard, L. (1997) The lure of the local-sense of place in a multicentred society New York: The New York Press

Smith, T.  (2013) ‘Our’ contemporality ? in Dumbadze A. and Hudson S. (ed) (2013) Contemporary Art : 1989 to the present  Chichester:Wiley-Blackwell


I Meditaition on water 


Meditation on Water, morning -acrylic on canvas, 50 cm x 50 cm


Meditation on water, afternoon-acrylic on canvas, 50 cm x 50 cm

BoW eveing 1.jpg

Meditation on water, evening-acrylic on canvas, 50 cm x 50 cm

sunlight on water.jpg

Sunlight on the pond 1 , charcoal on  A3 paper

PXL_20220901_170900835 (1)_edited.jpg

Sunlight on the pond 2 , charcoal on A3 paper

PXL_20220901_125158316 (1)_edited_edited

Light on Water 1 -acrylic on A3 paper   


Light on water 2 -acrylic on A3 paper 

Full moon 14 Nov jpg.jpg

As above so below, full moon reflection 2022 , acrylic on canvas,100 cm diameter

for wix 2.jpg

As above so below, night sky reflection 2022 acrylic on canvas,100 cm diameter


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