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Lorelle Lowe

No such thing as


Lorelle considers the therapeutic potential of fine art, blending photography, textiles and printmaking to engage in a curious and playful enquiry of materials. Embracing chance and discovery, whilst documenting and celebrating the performance and process of making as art in itself. 


Examining the concept of liminality and its application to care giving and receiving, Lorelle has developed an experimental, intimate, immersive space entitled ‘No such thing as Forever’. A sensorial environment inviting participation and re-imagination from the audience, an area in which to sit, look, feel, contemplate and transform. Drawing inspiration from layered, multi sensory places, including gardens, galleries and the graffiti covered inner-city passageways, visually translating interplaying personal memories of transitory interactions between light, colour texture and thoughts. 


‘No such thing as Forever’ is intentionally temporal, it can be deconstructed and reconstructed at different sites and in varying forms. Incorporating recycled and ephemeral media, producing a strata of surfaces. Amalgamating plant and synthetic material to highlight the blurred boundary between nature and the human made, the artist as facilitator and conduit of new relationships between materials. Lorelle has accumulated, altered and assembled to create art that can be entered and experienced from within. The space aims to be a borderless, ever evolving manifestation, perpetually influx between one thing and another.


…material in this world is only ever either flying together or flying apart and it’s only the limited experience we as human beings can have of time that leads us to believe than an object is permanent”, Karla Black. 

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No such thing as Forever.jpeg

'No such thing as Forever' video (3 mins) audio loop of the intro to Pat Earrings by Cas is Dead

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