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My name is Emma Thompson-Chaplin


I am a painter and digital artist who loves to combine traditional with digital techniques. I have become obsessed with the urban modern landscape of Japan and its design aesthetics rooted in Zen philosophy and how this intertwines the spiritual and rituals of daily life. 

Simplicity, purity and honesty are values reflected in the clean lines, geometric shapes, subtle colours and patterns of Japanese architecture and minimalist design. It is clear that Japanese design aesthetics and Minimalist ideals connect deeply with the people, culture and traditions of Japan. 

Unified in approach; minimal in choice, super flat in style, the artworks are purposefully reduced to their essential elements in order to expose the work to its purest form, giving space to engage by means of suggestion, irregularity and simplicity derived from Zen philosophy.

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“II have the somewhat arrogant belief that the way people lead their lives can be directed, even if merely a little, by means of architecture.” Tadao Ando



"Japanese minimalism in architecture contributes to spiritual reflection"

Salehzadeh and Abdulazimova

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