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De Void

Penni Vasama

Penni Vasama is a Finnish visual artist. In this MA exhibition De Void, Vasama presents pieces painted with hand ground coal and gelatine mix. Vasama has been experimenting with natural and biodegradable, self gathered materials. The coal and ash are from a summer cottages' sauna stove in the Finnish wilderness.

The series De Void is a celebration of having a home and spaces to live in. 

The pieces are an expedition through dark, trauma based memory loss, from a time when the artist lost her home, the ability to be indoors or sleep or rest in a bed.

the Wordplay De Void refers to a physical impossibility of human existence or prevalence of sanity, when an individual is left without a home, or a bed to sleep in. De Void tackles the lack of ability to cease to exist as a material being, or to disappear into a void, even when there would be a desperate need to do so.  

The De Void exhibition is a part of an arts and charity venture, Project Bed. A portion of sales of exhibition pieces will be donated to help people in need of a home.


For more information visit website, or instagram @pennivasama


Copyright for main photos on site, Karoliina BÄrlund photography.

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