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Kate Acheson


Kate Acheson is originally from Northern Ireland and has worked around the world in international schools as an art teacher in secondary education. She is also a practicing artist working with mixed media and installation. 

The traditional Irish cottage of her childhood home has long captured a yearning held for stability throughout a transient lifestyle.  Sooty recollections of memories intertwine with the warmth provided by the coal burning Fire, Pithers and Aga. The nostalgia through which these memories are held travel as a soft ember within, providing nourishment and stability.

The work explores the ghost-like tendencies of memories that act as an echo of what was.  The delicate nature of such memories lie embedded within the more rigid faceted and tangible forms of both coal and paper spills. The plausible temporality of these forms asks for them to remain whole and protected.

 A lifestyle that has allowed her to live around the world, has also led to a transient existence. The steady nature of home has almost acted as an anchor to this lifestyle, allowing her to roam free knowing this house and its contents remain at her core.                               

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