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Cecilia Hedlund

”One belongs to the soil.
It belongs to no one”

Paraphrasing Bruno Latour (2018) Down to Earth. Politics in the New Climate Regime. Medford, MA, USA: Polity Press

Cecilia Hedlund, Artist

An exhibition about experience in and perception of nature. Through images and video of two sculptures and installations and an instruction piece, the exhibition wants to question and reflect on human relationship to nature and its resources.

”One belongs to the soil. It belongs to no one” (Paraphrasing Latour, 2018)

I work in the landscape in order to research the place where I am. In meeting nature, there is opportunity for experiencing the sense of eternal time rather than the linear. Nature works according to circularity, season follows season, birth, life, death is in a constant process. As people become increasingly urban many lack that inherent contact with nature and our sense of belonging is negatively affected. Many people search for that reconnection with nature by spending time in the landscape, for exercising and recreation. In order to gain a greater ecological perspective in my practice I move towards using more and more scrap and discarded materials. This is also an opportunity to question my previous consumption of art materials. Working with left-over materials, I appropriate natural processes like charcoaling, erosion, growth and oxidisation in order to understand these processes better. Using these processes as my working method also involve a time factor, where the amount of time given in the processes allows for different results. The time factor reflects my interest in circularity and the difference between eternal and linear time. Often I see my work as a result of a dialogue with nature.

In the digital sphere, how can I mediate the smell of freshly cut wood? How can I present the touch of rough bark under the fingertips? The exhibition demands something of you as a viewer. It demands you to think and remember when you last where in nature, when you felt in awe of the beauties of the landscape. If you are in that mindset, now is the time to start.

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Cecilia Hedlund, (2022), "If you have a story to tell".

Audio and text.

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