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A surreal narrative, re connecting with my father who passed away when my sibling was in the womb. The ocean was my collaborator, resonating and distorting the relationships between time, space, and memories as they were squeezed, twisted, and pulled between the multiple layers of time.

I re connected and rewound the clock, I sped up time as I cycled along the wet sand, the repetition of windmills moved and powered the energy and playfulness of childhood memories re-emerged.

The shore represented the present and the ocean the past. How far did I want to go?

My body wrapped in lights to connect with the vibrational frequencies acting as signals to stir and awake ancestral memories. A new extension of time as the ocean dissolved the boundaries to new beginnings and dimensions.

As time shifted, layers of years eroded and became fluid in thought and existence. As the shore shifted under the current, I inherited the compass of direction as the alarm clock went off and the sounds of church bells were heard. My father’s archived voice from retrieved footage played. Together sibling and I mixed a fertilised egg and sand to create the embodied to enter the spiritual space.

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